There are things that we have to face every day – every time we get out of the house, in the morning or in the afternoon, and dive more into this aspect of the world that we call society.

Society is a beautiful thing, however unforgiving something. It is basically the core of humanity. Many philosophers have proven the fact that one couldn’t be able to live outside of a society – even if he or she would isolate themselves completely.

That’s just the nature of people. Society will infiltrate in our lives wherever we are and, with today’s technological advancements, it’s so much easier for it to sometimes control us. But, as we said, society is indeed a beautiful thing – it makes us be us.

We still have to face its problems, however. In our case, we don’t want to talk about the major problems that society has, as they usually get closure and get solves soon after emerging. Instead, we want to focus on the common problems of society – about the things that sometimes drive you nuts while you’re having dinner in town.

A common problem of society is just like that thing someone keeps on doing, even though that said someone knows we don’t like it, that it annoys us. Be it someone that acts in a certain way on the street, or something that people usually do while in the heart of society – common problems will always be there.

Therefore, it was about time that you had a place where you could read about everything that matters, or should matter, for you. Moreover, a place where you could learn about everything that’s wrong with society – and, of course, how to identify such problems and perhaps avoid them.

We could say that society is flawless – as in that is perfectly built around its flaws. But, there are times when flawless can only mean less and when there’s a lot of place for improvement.

That’s why our goal is to tell you, the reader and the world, which are the common problems that we have to face every single day – in the society we live in. How can this be helpful to you?

Well, you, us, everyone, could do something or be in a way that eventually makes up a common problem of society. Hence information is power, change is on its way as well – reading and getting informed are the things one must do in order to change their mindset and, therefore, avoid and prevent the happening of the common problems of society.