There is no student who hasn’t received during school years the task to write a career research paper. Even though it might seem a simple assignment, this paper has a clear goal. Apart from enhancing the student’s research and writing skills, it will also help them get a clear overview of their future. After completing this assignment, it will become easier for students to know what kind of career they want to pursue and understand what skills they need to achieve their dreams. This article will show you which are the steps you need to follow to write a good career research paper. Career Research Paper Writing Choose a career When you write your career research paper, you should first[…]

Ever since I have always believed education is the key that can open self development skills in future. College education is critical for various reasons for both old and young as current world require individuals with experience, knowledge, and skills. These are fundamental tools that can be acquired from attending college. For me, the college education is critical because it will help me attain my goals, aspiration, and dream of serving in the construction management. In this regard, I perceive college education as important for me because it will help me attain my life priorities. Robert Hutchins, an educational philosopher, says “the object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives”. Therefore, I see college education[…]

Times are not equal. Constant has been the debate of what has brought about widening disparities in income and wealth at our age. The subject is of interest such that researchers have taken their time to inquire into the trends of income or wealth inequality in the United States. We know very little about the distribution of income and wealth and how they have evolved in the long run. Those at the top and the middle of the distribution are affected differently by changes in equity and house prices. Housing booms help the middle-class households and tend to decrease wealth inequality. Income and Wealth 1949 In the postwar period, average family income decreased by 100 US dollars from 1948-1949. Income[…]

Marriage and the family are two interrelated concepts that go hand in hand. Scholars who have delved into the establishment of the link between the two have realized that marriages will remain to be the basis of creating a family, the most basic social unit. Both the family and marriage create status roles which can be considered as being sanctioned by the society. The 20th century saw the family institution undergo various changes which can be attributed to domestic violence, child abuse, gender roles and economic factors. The new family life has been subjected to realities that are in sharp contrast with the idealized notions of evolving and developing over the centuries. The conflicts evident in the institution have resulted[…]

Many believe in choosing a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Pleasure in what one does puts perfection in the role, and as much as many Americans love what they do, some still find themselves quitting their jobs. Each day in work presents a new challenge, and the need for better working conditions and pay is causing many Americans to leave their jobs. Since the dot-com era, Americans have been quitting at rates which have never been seen. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics states that 3.4 million people left their jobs in April 2017, which is double the number of 1.7 million workers who had been given pink slips in[…]

Racial and ethnic discrimination is still predominant in the United States despite the existing legislations that discourage it. The individuals with an origin from the middle east and African Americans are often the primary targets of racial profiling. The security guard in this case was probably following orders but went overboard with his questions. The statement given by Georgetown University administration implied that there was a threat of violence some few days earlier. Therefore, the institution had to take precautions to avoid incidences like that of Virginia Tech. However, it is not clear whether or not Kambiz Fattahi behaved suspiciously. If I were this individual, I would probably just follow the orders given by the university administration and ask Mr.[…]