Choosing to be a part of our community doesn’t mean that you will turn into a passive reader while you are on our website. Every once in a while, we’ll have events set up that will teach us all more about the society around us.

Here are some of the upcoming events that you’ll be able to take part in:

  • This Sunday – Lawyers Consultations: You’ll be able to talk to and hear a lawyer’s opinion on the common problems of society. You will know when you have to and can take action in the future, as well as learn how to avoid problems.
  • This Sunday Story Time: Tell us of the times when society has put you face to face with one of its common problems and of how you managed them. Everybody’s fair share of opinions and advice is guaranteed.
  • In Two Weeks Mindset Training: We’ll learn how to deal with and/ or avoid the common problems of society. As we are its main component, we have to begin changing a little if we want to prevent or solve these problems. We’ll talk about how someone should be in order to make the world around him or her more pleasant to live in.
  • In One Week Educate Others and Ourselves: This is the time when we’ll talk about both common and major problems of society and about what causes them. As most common issues usually generate major problems, we’ll talk about how they connect to one another and how they can be prevented.
  • This Friday Listen to Others: We’ll have a special guest, maybe even a member of our community, to talk about the things he or she has been through that eventually led to facing one of the common problems of society. As we learn from others’ experience, not only from ours, we’ll also learn more about our common interest.

All you have to do is choose the event you want to be a part of and let us know. We’ll save you a seat and make sure that the information you’ll be provided with is one that can make a change.