Ever since I have always believed education is the key that can open self development skills in future. College education is critical for various reasons for both old and young as current world require individuals with experience, knowledge, and skills. These are fundamental tools that can be acquired from attending college. For me, the college education is critical because it will help me attain my goals, aspiration, and dream of serving in the construction management.

In this regard, I perceive college education as important for me because it will help me attain my life priorities. Robert Hutchins, an educational philosopher, says “the object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives”. Therefore, I see college education as a tool to will adequately prepare me for attaining aspiration of becoming a contruction professional. This is intertwined with the goal of having a career in life. I believe education will play an incredibly valuable part as I will be able to acquire the needed skills, knowledge and experience to provide the much-needed professionalism in my community.

When I entered high school, I had the aspiration of becoming a construction manager and looking back now I realize I need to achieve much more to realize this dream. Also, I have come to acknowledge this dream was not only my own but also my family’s.  My parent often talked about me becoming a manager, and their enthusiasm continued throughout my childhood. This serves as my motivation to attending college as I have to make my family’s dream come true. I feel that if I do not do this, I will be failing my parents. This gives me the willingness and drives to attend college. I have started to realize I have to practices, acquire knowledge and skills that will make me infrastructure developer my family wanted me to be in life. I realize I cannot set my dreams, aspirations, and goals on the basis of other alternatives except join a college to further my knowledge and education base.

Further, I have a plan of positively contributing towards alleviating the challenge facing the construction sector. According to the recent research studies, the country faces a considerable crisis due to lack of professional construction manager. Developing quality infrastructure is rewarding self-satisfaction one can feel and excellent opportunity to give back to the society and country at large. I cannot achieve this without acquiring college education. The only person who can do this is one who has learned and attained advanced education. College education will not only help me achieve my goals and dream in life but also become maximally competitive especially consider the world job competition is owing to the incredible increase in demand for specialist and qualified professionals. As such, there is no other alternative for me to attain skills needed except to attend college.

Indeed, attending college education is the only chance I have to accomplish my aspirations, goals, and dreams in life. It is the only way I can acquire the needed skills, knowledge and experience to become a construction manager I have always had wanted to make a career working in construction sector. This has not only been my dream but also my family’s as my parents always talked about me becoming a manager. Further, I have a drive and willingness to help reduced problems facing the sector in the country, particularly, helping my community move towards growth and development. Therefore, attending college is the only opportunity I have to attain these objectives.

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