Today, House Republicans gave initial approval to amendments the Senate made to a bill that would allow insurance companies to discriminate against customers based on their gender. This means, for example, a person could be charged higher insurance premiums for their home owners insurance simply because they are a woman (or man).

This is similar to bills that have been pushed for decades in Montana. In the early 1980′s, Montana passed a law that reinforced the State Constitution, by stating that gender can not be used as a determining factor in insurance coverage. Every legislative session since then Republicans have attempted to repeal this law.

The version of the law this year, has been amended so that it does not allow health insurance companies to discriminate based on gender. This change came in part because the Affordable Care Act, passed by Congress last year, prevents gender discrimination in health insurance.

However, the point remains; discrimination based on gender is wrong. A person should not have to pay more in home owners insurance or life insurance simply because of their gender.

This bill will be up for final approval in the House tomorrow. If the House approves it, it will move to the Governor to either sign or veto.